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"My 5 year old has been attending these holiday camps for the past week and she can’t get enough! She is reluctant to leave every afternoon, even though she is shattered.

The camp leaders are all very child-oriented, friendly, approachable, attentive to the kids, and professional.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many different activities are out on each day for the children. Just Dance (!), charades, basketball, rounders, lots of proper football games, an adventure playhouse and lots of various outside play equipment like Nerf Vortex rockets and toys.

The food is fresh and healthy. So much variety and delicious. Sandwiches, pasta, veggies, salads.

The cost of the camp is irrelevant to me. I’d much prefer my little girl enjoy her holidays to the max - she has made new close friends already that she looks forward to seeing each time she goes.

Thanks to Ryan and the team for an awesome venture. I feel lucky we found you!"


"My son has had an amazing time at the summer sports camp, staff were very happy to help and provided an excellent time for my child. Hopefully in future I want my son to get 1-2-1 coaching."


"My son attended last summer and can't wait to join in again this summer. The coaches were amazing."

Amy - Mum

H**** absolutely loved attending your Monday night sessions he looked forward to it each week. He enjoyed all of it. It helped Henry with his anxiety too as he was always confident to attend and for me to leave and Henry normally struggles with this. 
We didn’t make the Friday sessions very often as I work on a Friday so it’s sometimes a little tricky. Thankyou

Mary - Mum

The Monday and Friday 6-7pm athletics sessions have provided a great source of happiness for my son's (6) and (4). The sessions give them a taste of a broad spectrum of different sport activities and helps them to also gain social skills by interacting with other children and the coach's. They love the sessions as it's gives them something to look forward too all week. It also helps them to burn off alot of excess energy they have. Since joining the sessions they have built a further love for football and tennis. The sessions are really well ran, the are Taylor made to each child and each child is made to feel welcomed and included.
Many thanks

Suzie - Mum

Hi Rob
My son who is 8 years old loves coming to your Monday sessions.
It was good him physically as it got him doing exercise.
Good for him mentally as he met other children outside of his small village school.
It got him off his tablet and outside.
He asks every Monday when I pick him up from school is athletics on tonight.
Please bring it back if you can.

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